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MY BUSINESS IS SERVING MY CLIENTS“. I always strive to do what is best for my clients. Buying or selling a house is an emotional time. My job is to take the stress out of the process by taking care of the multitude of details, scheduling inspections, providing guidance, explaining the endless stream of documents, disclosures & inspections, and making sure everything comes together in the end.


I have been actively involved in real estate activities for over 30 years, first as a homeowner, then as an investor, and now as an agent. I’ve seen interest rates in the 18-21% range, and in the 2-3% range. I paid $45,000 for my first house; now you can’t buy a garage for that amount. I have always liked looking at houses (especially model homes – one can always dream!), and now it’s my job! How fun is that!?

Prior to becoming a REALTOR® I spent 25+ years in the IT industry (it was called Data Processing when I started), starting out as a data entry operator, moving into computer operations, business programming, systems analysis and design, and finally into upper management. In the early 2000’s I decided it was time for a change, and made the transition to real estate. So far – I love it! I like the variety of real estate. There’s always something new to learn. Every client is different. Every transaction is different. I enjoy getting to know my clients, getting to know their needs and helping them make their dreams come true.

REALTOR LogoReal Estate Experience & Designations

I decided to become a real estate as an agent just about the time the market crashed. So when other agents were leaving the field, I was getting started. Along the way I had to navigate a foreclosure and short sale of some of my own investment properties, so I understand the emotions and frustrations involved in that process. It gives me a unique perspective when working with clients who are going through the same thing. I also understand what the banks want to see in an offer, what things they will negotiate on, and what things they won’t even consider. I’m really good at making sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed in the short sale package so the banks don’t keep throwing the stack of documents back for revisions.

I’ve been a first-time home buyer, so I know how daunting the whole process is – especially when you are signing the stack of loan documents. I’ve sold my home to move to another, so I know the mixed emotions that involves – leaving behind memories, but looking forward to a new home. I’m also a real estate investor, so I understand the numbers and analysis of both a buy & hold, and a fix & flip. I have personal experience in both, and they require different analyses.

ASPRE LogoAccredited Staging Professional® Real Estate Agent

I’ve always had an interest in home décor. I used to read my mom’s Good Housekeeping magazines cover to cover. I learned all kinds of useful things about making a room seem larger, how a little bit of paint and creativity can transform a room, and how to make windows sparkle. I put that knowledge to good use by becoming an Accredited Staging Professional® Real Estate Agent. As part of the suite of services I offer to sellers, I provide a FREE home staging report, customized for them. It details room by room what things the homeowner can do to prepare their home so it shows well and appeals to the widest audience. That’s a $500 value! Yours, FREE, if you list your home with me.

SRES LogoSenior Real Estate Specialist (SRES)®

While the buying/selling transaction for older homeowners is pretty much the same, there are a lot of other factors to be considered when deciding where to live – and many of them do not involve selling their homes. In fact, more of us are choosing to “age in place” by making modifications to our homes so we can continuing our homes Many older homeowners are “house rich and cash poor” – meaning they have paid off their home which could be worth a lot of money, but they can’t afford to maintain it, pay the taxes on it, or upgrade it. Or maybe they would like to buy a vacation home but can’t qualify for a loan because their only income is a pension or social security. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tap the equity in your paid off house, buy a vacation home, and never make another house payment? Well, it’s possible.

An older homeowner may need to make some modifications to the house, like putting in grab bars or ramps, so they can continue to live in their home rather than move to a facility or in with their children. They may just need some assistance with home maintenance, laundry, running errands, etc. I now have a much better picture of the options and services available to older homeowners for whatever path they choose. Some of the options don’t involve selling the house at all! Give me a call if any of these apply to you or someone you know, and I’ll be happy to assist in finding the necessary resources.

Certified Senior Advisor

As a follow-on to the SRES designation, I decided to become a Certified Senior Advisor. The training for this designation is not focused solely on real estate, but rather covers a wide spectrum of topics relevant to the older generation – aging in place, housing, community-based services, physical & mental health, Medicare, assisted living, long-term care insurance, estate planning, and end-of-life planning.

Personal Life

Growing up in an Air Force family, we moved quite a bit. I’ve lived in California, Iowa, Montana, Missouri, Florida, England, and Louisiana. It was always hard leaving our friends and school, and starting over again, but my mom turned it into an adventure. She would write to the Chamber of Commerce (there was no internet in those days!), and request information about the area. That way we knew about some things we could see or do. Even then, some moves were harder than others, but I feel blessed to have experienced life in so many different places.

I moved back to CA in 1976, and have lived in the Bay Area for most of the time, except for a 10 year period in Stockton. I have 2 daughters, a stepson, 4 grandchildren, and a wonderful husband who takes very good care of me. We like to travel, meet new people, and try new things.